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Belonging to the ISO series, 2L paper size is a unique and often overlooked dimension in the world of print. This specific size, measuring 127 x 178 millimeters or 5 x 7 inches, is part of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), which are equivalent to the International Standards Organization (ISO) dimensions.

The 2L paper size holds a distinctive position in the realm of photography. It's an ideal choice for printing photos due to its perfect aspect ratio that aligns with standard camera viewfinders. This ensures that your captured images translate flawlessly onto paper without any need for cropping or adjustments.

2L paper dimensions


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Moreover, this particular paper size is also widely used in creating personalized greeting cards and invitations. Its compact yet spacious dimensions provide ample room for creative designs while maintaining a handheld convenience.

Despite its less common usage compared to A4 or Letter sizes from ANSI series, the versatility of 2L makes it an intriguing choice for various applications. Whether you're looking to print high-quality photographs or craft bespoke stationery items, this underappreciated paper size can deliver exceptional results.

When it comes to selecting a suitable paper size for your next project, don't overlook the potential of 2L. Its unique dimensions combined with its compatibility with standard photographic ratios make it an excellent choice for both personal and professional use.

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Interesting facts about 2L

1. The Origin of 2L Paper

2L paper is a unique paper size that originated in Japan. It was introduced by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) in 1977 as part of their JIS P 0138-61 standard.

2. Dimensions of 2L Paper

The dimensions of 2L paper are not based on any specific mathematical ratio like other paper sizes. It measures approximately 129 mm × 183 mm or about 5.1 inches × 7.2 inches.

3. Popular Use in Japan

In Japan, the use of 2L paper is quite common for various purposes such as printing photographs, postcards, and small-sized documents.

4. Compatibility with A Series Paper Sizes

The width-to-height ratio of the A series paper sizes (e.g., A0, A1, A2) is maintained in the dimensions of the longer side (183 mm) and shorter side (129 mm) of the 2L paper.

5. Not Part of ISO Standard

Unlike many other popular paper sizes like A3, B5, or Letter size, which are part of ISO standards, the size and usage guidelines for 2L paper are specific to Japan and not recognized internationally.

6. Limited Availability Outside Japan

Due to its regional specificity and lack of international recognition, finding pre-cut or readily available sheets of 2L paper outside Japan can be challenging.

7. Customization Possibilities

The unique dimensions make it possible to create custom-sized envelopes or stationery using a single sheet folded appropriately without any trimming required.

8. Compact and Portable

The compact size of 2L paper makes it convenient for carrying in wallets, purses, or small document holders, making it a popular choice for personal use and on-the-go printing needs.

9. Alternative to Standard Photo Sizes

2L paper is often used as an alternative to standard photo sizes like 4x6 inches or 5x7 inches, providing a slightly different aspect ratio that can add uniqueness to printed photographs.

10. Niche Market for Collectors

Due to its limited availability and unique dimensions, 2L paper has gained popularity among collectors who appreciate rare and unconventional paper sizes.