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Belonging to the ISO paper size standard, 30R is a unique and intriguing dimension. This standard, recognized globally, ensures consistency in the realm of paper sizes. The 30R size, specifically, is part of this international system that simplifies document reproduction and scaling.

With dimensions measuring 762mm by 1016mm or approximately 30 inches by 40 inches in the imperial system, the 30R size offers ample space for detailed designs or extensive text. It's an ideal choice for large-scale presentations such as posters or architectural blueprints where clarity and detail are paramount.

30R paper dimensions


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The ISO standard it belongs to is based on an aspect ratio of √2:1 which allows for seamless scaling between sizes without distortion. This means a document designed on a smaller scale can be enlarged to a 30R size while maintaining its original proportions and clarity.

Interestingly enough, despite its larger dimensions, the use of the number '30' in its name does not directly correlate with any specific measurement on the paper itself. Instead, it's derived from an old photographic print size known as 'Imperial' which was popular in the UK during the mid-20th century.

Whether you're looking to make a big impression with your next presentation or need room for intricate details in your design work, consider leveraging the benefits of this versatile and internationally recognized paper size - The impressive 30R.

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Interesting facts about 30R

1. The Origin of 30R Paper

30R paper is part of the R series, which stands for "raw" or "rough." It originated in Germany and was standardized by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) in the early 20th century.

2. Dimensions of 30R Paper

The dimensions of 30R paper are 22.5 inches by 32.5 inches (572 mm by 826 mm). It falls within the larger range of R series papers, which vary in size from R0 to R10.

3. Common Uses for 30R Paper

Due to its large size, 30R paper is commonly used for printing posters, maps, architectural drawings, and other large-scale visual materials that require high-quality reproduction.

4. Compatibility with Printing Presses

Printing presses designed for smaller paper sizes often need modifications to accommodate printing on 30R paper due to its unique dimensions. This can include adjustments to feed mechanisms and print registration systems.

5. Limited Availability

In some regions, finding suppliers who stock or produce 30R paper can be challenging due to its relatively niche demand compared to more standard sizes like A-series or letter-sized papers.

6. Historical Significance

The adoption of standardized paper sizes like the R series played a crucial role in streamlining international communication and trade during the early days of globalization.

7. Variations Across Countries

The exact dimensions and naming conventions for similar-sized papers may vary across countries or regions around the world, making it important for printers to understand local standards when working with international clients.

8. Environmental Considerations

As with any paper product, the environmental impact of 30R paper depends on factors such as its source (recycled or virgin fiber) and the sustainability practices employed by manufacturers.

9. Customization Options

While 30R paper is not as commonly customizable as smaller sizes, some specialty printers offer options for unique finishes, coatings, or textures to enhance the visual appeal of printed materials.

10. Artistic Applications

The large size and high-quality characteristics of 30R paper make it a preferred choice for artists working on large-scale drawings, paintings, or mixed media projects.