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Belonging to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), the JIS B0 paper size is a unique and intriguing dimension in the world of print. It measures an impressive 1030 x 1456 millimeters, making it one of the largest sizes in the JIS series. This expansive size offers ample space for detailed diagrams, large-scale designs, or comprehensive maps.

Interestingly, JIS B0 does not align with any specific ISO or ANSI series sizes. Its dimensions are exclusive to Japan's unique industrial standards. This distinctiveness sets it apart from other globally recognized paper sizes and adds a layer of exclusivity to its use.

JIS B0 paper dimensions


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The aspect ratio of JIS B0 is √2:1, a characteristic shared across all 'B' series paper sizes as per international standards. This ratio ensures that when you cut or fold the paper in half along its larger dimension, you retain two smaller sheets with identical aspect ratios.

Despite its large size, JIS B0 maintains impeccable print quality due to Japan's high printing technology standards. Whether used for architectural blueprints or artistic posters, this paper size guarantees sharp images and clear text.

In conclusion, JIS B0 stands as a testament to Japan's commitment to precision and quality in their industrial practices. Its unique dimensions and superior print quality make it an excellent choice for large-scale prints that demand attention and detail.

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Interesting facts about JIS B0

1: JIS B0 Paper Size

JIS B0 paper is a standard paper size used in Japan, measuring approximately 1030 mm × 1456 mm (40.55 in × 57.32 in). It is part of the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) series of paper sizes.

2: Origin of JIS B0

The JIS B0 size was established by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee in the early 20th century to standardize paper sizes for industrial and commercial purposes.

3: Unique Aspect Ratio

JIS B0 has an aspect ratio of approximately 1:1.414, which means that if you divide its longer side by its shorter side, you will get a value close to the square root of two.

4: Common Use in Printing Industry

JIS B0 paper is commonly used for large format printing applications such as posters, banners, and architectural drawings due to its generous size and proportions.

5: Compatibility with ISO Sizes

The dimensions of JIS B0 are slightly different from ISO (International Organization for Standardization) sizes. However, it can be easily converted to ISO sizes like A1 or A2 by trimming or scaling down the sheet accordingly.

6: Historical Influence on Global Paper Sizes

The introduction of JIS paper sizes had a significant impact on global standards. The ISO later adopted some aspects of the JIS series when developing their own international standard for paper sizes.

7: Limited Availability Outside Japan

JIS B0 papers may be less commonly found outside Japan due to the regional nature of its standardization. However, specialized paper suppliers or printing services may still offer this size upon request.

8: Variations in Weight and Thickness

JIS B0 paper is available in various weights and thicknesses, allowing for customization based on specific printing requirements. This versatility makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

9: Environmental Considerations

Like other paper sizes, JIS B0 can be produced using eco-friendly materials and processes. Opting for recycled or sustainably sourced papers helps reduce the environmental impact associated with paper production.

10: Artistic Possibilities

The large dimensions of JIS B0 provide artists with ample space to create visually striking works. Its size allows for intricate details or bold designs that can make a powerful impact when displayed.