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The JIS B10 paper size, a key component of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS), is an intriguing aspect of international paper dimensions. This particular size, measuring 31 x 44 millimeters, is part of the B series in the JIS system. The B series is designed to provide sizes not covered by the A series, which are primarily used for standard office and desktop publishing applications.

What sets JIS B10 apart from other paper sizes? It's all about its unique ratio. Unlike ISO or ANSI standards that follow a consistent aspect ratio across all sizes, each size in the JIS B series has its own distinct aspect ratio. This makes JIS B10 an interesting outlier in global paper sizing conventions.

JIS B10 paper dimensions


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Moreover, it's worth noting that while many countries have adopted ISO standards for paper sizing, Japan continues to use its own unique system - a testament to their commitment to maintaining cultural and industrial uniqueness amidst globalization.

In practical terms, you'll find that JIS B10 is often used for specific applications such as business cards or small print materials where space optimization is crucial. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for these purposes.

In conclusion, understanding the nuances of different international paper sizes like JIS B10 can be invaluable when dealing with global business communications or design projects. It's not just about fitting text on a page; it's about understanding and respecting diverse industrial standards and practices around the world.

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Interesting facts about JIS B10

1. JIS B10 Paper: The Smallest of Them All

JIS B10 paper is the smallest standardized paper size in the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) series. It measures 44mm x 31mm, making it incredibly tiny compared to other paper sizes.

2. Originally Used for Microfilm

JIS B10 paper was initially designed and used for microfilm applications, where it served as a carrier medium for storing and preserving microfilm images.

3. Unique Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of JIS B10 paper is different from other standard paper sizes. It has an aspect ratio of approximately 1:1.42, which means its width is about 1.42 times its height.

4. Rarely Used in Printing

Due to its extremely small size, JIS B10 paper is rarely used in traditional printing applications or everyday office use. Its primary purpose remains limited to microfilm-related activities.

5. Challenging to Handle

The small dimensions of JIS B10 paper make it quite challenging to handle and manipulate manually since it can easily tear or get lost due to its size.

6. Not Part of ISO Standard Sizes

JIS B10 paper falls outside the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard sizes commonly used worldwide, making it unique to Japan's industrial standards system.

7. Limited Availability

Due to its specialized usage and limited demand, finding JIS B10 paper may be difficult outside Japan or specific industries that still rely on microfilm technology.

8. Niche Applications Today

While microfilm usage has significantly declined with the advent of digital technology, JIS B10 paper may still find niche applications in certain archival or historical preservation projects.

9. Preservation of Microfilm Heritage

JIS B10 paper's association with microfilm highlights its role in preserving historical records and documents that were once stored on microfilm, ensuring their longevity for future generations.

10. Symbolic Significance

JIS B10 paper represents the ingenuity and precision of Japanese industrial standards, showcasing their commitment to developing specialized solutions even for the smallest requirements.