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Belonging to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) B series, the JIS B6 paper size is a unique and versatile format. It's part of an ISO 216 international standard that also includes the A and C series. This standardization ensures consistency in paper sizes across different countries and industries.

The dimensions of a JIS B6 sheet are 128 x 182 millimeters or 5.04 x 7.17 inches, making it slightly larger than its ANSI counterpart, the A size. This difference in size allows for more content to be displayed on a single page, enhancing readability and visual appeal.

JIS B6 paper dimensions


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One fascinating aspect of the JIS B6 paper size is its aspect ratio - root two (√2). This ratio remains constant even when the paper is folded or cut in half, maintaining its original proportions. This feature makes it ideal for printing brochures, booklets, or any other documents where maintaining consistent layout and design elements across multiple pages is crucial.

In terms of usage, JIS B6 finds popularity in various applications such as books, magazines, catalogs, and promotional materials due to its convenient size that strikes a balance between portability and readability.

Overall, with its unique dimensions and versatile applications backed by international standards like ISO 216, JIS B6 stands as an efficient choice for both personal and professional printing needs.

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Interesting facts about JIS B6

1: JIS B6 Paper Size

JIS B6 paper is a Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) paper size that measures 128 mm × 182 mm. It is slightly larger than the ISO B6 size, which measures 125 mm × 176 mm.

2: Traditional Use in Japan

JIS B6 paper was traditionally used in Japan for various purposes, including writing letters, printing books, and creating small-sized brochures or pamphlets.

3: Compatibility with A Series Sizes

JIS B6 paper is part of the JIS series, which is not directly compatible with the ISO A series sizes commonly used in many countries. However, it has similar proportions to ISO A5 paper.

4: Historical Origin

The JIS paper sizes were established by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee in the mid-20th century to standardize paper dimensions for industrial and commercial use within Japan.

5: Unique Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of JIS B6 paper is approximately √2 (√2 ≈ 1.414), meaning that if you cut a sheet of this size into two equal halves along its longer side, you will get two smaller sheets with the same proportions as the original.

6: Commonly Used for Stationery

JIS B6 size is often used for stationery items such as notebooks, diaries, and notepads due to its compact yet convenient dimensions.

7: Variants of JIS B6 Paper

In addition to regular JIS B6 size (128 mm × 182 mm), there are also variants like JIS B6 Slim (97 mm × 182 mm) and JIS B6 Choukei (108 mm × 182 mm) that offer different width dimensions while maintaining the same height.

8: Popular in Manga Industry

JIS B6 paper is commonly used in the manga industry for creating manga magazines, doujinshi (self-published works), and other manga-related publications.

9: Availability of JIS B6 Paper

JIS B6 paper can be easily found in Japan at stationery stores, bookstores, and online retailers. However, its availability may vary outside of Japan.

10: Cultural Significance

The use of JIS B6 paper reflects the unique cultural preferences and standards within Japan's printing industry, showcasing their commitment to precision and attention to detail.