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The KDG paper size, a lesser-known yet significant member of the ISO 216 series, holds its own unique place in the world of standardized paper dimensions. This particular size is part of the German DIN 476 standard, which later became the basis for the international ISO 216 standard we use today.

What sets KDG apart is its distinctive dimension. Measuring at an exact 231 x 297 millimeters, it's slightly smaller than an A4 sheet but larger than A5. This makes it a versatile choice for various printing needs where neither A4 nor A5 would suffice.

KDG paper dimensions


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Interestingly, like all sizes in the ISO 216 series, KDG adheres to the "sqrt(2):1" aspect ratio. This means that when you cut or fold a KDG sheet in half along its longer side, you'll get two smaller sheets with exactly the same aspect ratio as before. It's this ingenious design principle that allows for seamless scaling across all sizes within this series.

Despite not being as widely recognized as its A-series counterparts, KDG has found its niche uses in specific industries and regions due to its unique size. It serves as a testament to how even seemingly minor variations can have practical implications and cater to diverse needs.

While it may not be your everyday paper size choice like A4 or Letter from ANSI series, KDG certainly deserves recognition for its role within the ISO standards and beyond. Its existence reminds us of how standards evolve over time to accommodate varying requirements and preferences.

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Interesting facts about KDG

1: KDG paper is a high-quality coated paper

KDG paper is known for its exceptional smoothness and glossy finish. It is commonly used for printing high-resolution images and vibrant colors, making it ideal for brochures, catalogs, and magazines.

2: KDG paper has excellent ink absorption properties

Due to its special coating, KDG paper absorbs ink quickly and evenly. This feature ensures that printed images appear sharp and vibrant, enhancing the overall print quality.

3: KDG paper is environmentally friendly

KDG paper is often produced using sustainable practices. It may be made from recycled materials or sourced from responsibly managed forests, reducing its impact on the environment.

4: KDG paper offers superior durability

The coating on KDG paper provides an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. This makes it resistant to smudging, fading, and water damage, ensuring that prints maintain their quality over time.

5: KDG paper comes in various weights

KDG offers a range of different weights for their coated papers. These options allow customers to choose the thickness that best suits their specific printing needs, whether it's for lightweight flyers or heavyweight posters.

6: KDG has been producing high-quality papers since 1892

Koenig & Bauer Durst (KDG) has a long history in the printing industry dating back to 1892. With over a century of experience, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of top-notch coated papers.

7: The production process of KDG paper involves precision coating techniques

KDG paper is manufactured using advanced coating techniques to ensure a consistent and smooth surface. This precision coating process contributes to the paper's excellent printability and overall quality.

8: KDG paper is compatible with various printing technologies

Whether you're using offset printing, digital printing, or even inkjet printing, KDG paper is designed to work seamlessly with different printing technologies. This versatility makes it a popular choice among printers.

9: KDG paper has a wide color gamut

The special coating on KDG paper allows for a wider color gamut, meaning it can reproduce a broader range of colors accurately. This feature ensures that prints on KDG paper appear vibrant and true to life.

10: KDG offers custom solutions for specific printing needs

In addition to their standard coated papers, KDG also provides custom solutions tailored to specific requirements. Whether it's a unique finish or special sizing, they can work with customers to create the perfect paper for their projects.