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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, S16R is a unique paper size that holds its own in the realm of print and design. This specific format, often overlooked yet incredibly versatile, offers a distinctive canvas for various applications.

The S16R paper size is part of the ISO's "A" series, which is internationally recognized and widely used across numerous industries. The dimensions of an S16R sheet are 345mm x 270mm (13.6in x 10.6in), making it slightly larger than an A4 sheet but smaller than an A3.

S16R paper dimensions


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What sets S16R apart from other paper sizes in the ISO series is its aspect ratio - the ratio between its width and height remains constant even when folded in half parallel to its shorter sides. This unique feature allows for seamless scaling of documents without distortion or loss of content.

Moreover, this particular size finds extensive use in specialized fields such as architecture and engineering where precision matters most. Its dimensions make it ideal for detailed technical drawings or large-scale blueprints that require ample space without compromising on clarity.

While S16R may not be as commonly known as its counterparts like A4 or Letter sizes, it plays a crucial role in specific industries due to its unique properties and versatility. It stands as a testament to the thoughtfulness behind standardized paper sizing - catering not just to everyday needs but also niche requirements with equal efficiency.

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Interesting facts about S16R

1: S16R paper is part of the ISO 216 standard

S16R paper is a specific size within the ISO 216 standard, which defines the series of paper sizes used globally. It falls under the S series, which is commonly used for envelopes.

2: S16R paper measures approximately 110 mm x 220 mm

The dimensions of S16R paper are approximately 110 mm x 220 mm (or about 4.33 inches x 8.66 inches). It is slightly taller and narrower than a standard DL envelope.

3: S16R paper is often used for small greeting cards

Due to its compact size, S16R paper is commonly used for creating small greeting cards or note cards. Its dimensions make it convenient for personal messages or invitations.

4: The aspect ratio of S16R paper is √2

The aspect ratio of S16R paper, like all ISO A and B sizes, is √2 (approximately equal to 1.414). This means that if you divide the longer side by the shorter side, you will always get this value.

5: The ISO A-series can be derived from cutting an A0 sheet in half

The ISO A-series, including sizes like A5 and A6, can be obtained by successively halving an A0 sheet. However, this method does not apply to envelope sizes like S16R as they have different proportions.

6: The "S" in "S16R" stands for "Special"

In the ISO standard for envelopes (ISO/IEC 269), the "S" series is referred to as "Special" sizes. These sizes are designed for specific purposes, such as fitting certain types of documents or cards.

7: S16R paper is not commonly used in North America

While S16R paper is part of the ISO standard, it is not widely used in North America. The region primarily follows different paper size standards, such as Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) and Legal (8.5 x 14 inches).

8: S16R envelopes are compatible with A6-sized cards

S16R envelopes can accommodate A6-sized cards perfectly. This compatibility allows for easy pairing of the envelope and card when sending small greetings or invitations.

9: The ISO standard for envelopes includes various series

Besides the "S" series, which includes S16R, the ISO standard also defines other envelope series like C (for business correspondence) and DL (for long-format envelopes). Each series has its own specific sizes.

10: S16R paper can be used creatively in crafts

The unique size of S16R paper makes it a great choice for various craft projects. It can be utilized to create mini scrapbooks, origami designs, or even custom-sized pockets within larger artworks.