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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, the S20R paper size is a unique and intriguing dimension in the world of print media. This specific size, while not as commonly recognized as its A-series counterparts, holds its own distinctive place within the ISO framework.

The S20R paper size is part of an intriguing subset known as the SRA series. This series was specifically designed to accommodate extra space for printers and publishers who require additional margins for design bleed and trim during production processes. The 'S' in S20R stands for 'supplementary', indicating its role in supplementing standard sizes.

S20R paper dimensions


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With dimensions measuring 450mm x 640mm, the S20R offers ample space for creative layouts and comprehensive content presentation. Its larger format makes it an ideal choice for projects that demand a more expansive canvas such as posters, large-scale diagrams or architectural blueprints.

Interestingly enough, despite being less prevalent than A or B series sizes, the S20R has found a niche within certain industries due to its unique dimensions. It's particularly favored by professionals seeking that extra margin space without having to jump significantly in paper size.

While it may not be your everyday go-to paper size like A4 or Letter, the S20R certainly holds significant value within specific sectors of print media and publishing. Its unique dimensions combined with its ISO-standardized status make it an interesting facet of paper sizing worth exploring further.

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Interesting facts about S20R

1: S20R paper is a part of the ISO 216 standard

S20R paper is a specific size within the ISO 216 standard, which defines international paper sizes. It falls under the A series, which is commonly used for printing and stationery purposes.

2: S20R paper measures approximately 111 mm x 158 mm

The dimensions of S20R paper are approximately 111 mm x 158 mm (or about 4.37 inches x 6.22 inches). It has a portrait orientation and is slightly larger than a typical postcard.

3: S20R paper is not widely used

Compared to other ISO sizes like A4 or A5, S20R paper is relatively uncommon and not widely used in most countries. Its limited popularity means that it may be more challenging to find printers or suppliers who stock this specific size.

4: The "S" in S20R stands for "Supplementary"

In the ISO system, supplementary sizes are denoted by an "S" followed by a number. These supplementary sizes are derived from the corresponding A series size by halving its longer side length multiple times.

5: The aspect ratio of S20R paper is approximately √2

The aspect ratio of S20R paper (the ratio between its longer and shorter sides) is approximately equal to the square root of two (√2). This aspect ratio remains consistent across all ISO sizes within the A series.

6: The history of global paper sizes dates back to ancient times

The concept of standardized paper sizes can be traced back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and China. However, the modern ISO paper size system was first introduced in Germany in the early 20th century and later adopted internationally.

7: The ISO 216 standard was based on a mathematical formula

The ISO 216 standard for paper sizes is based on a mathematical formula that ensures each size can be obtained by halving the larger dimension of the previous size. This allows for easy scaling and compatibility between different paper sizes.

8: The A series is the most widely used paper size series

The A series, which includes S20R paper as a supplementary size, is the most commonly used series within the ISO 216 standard. It is widely used for printing documents, magazines, books, and various other applications.

9: The S20R size may have specific niche applications

Although not widely used in general printing or stationery purposes, S20R paper may find niche applications such as specialized postcards or unique promotional materials due to its distinct dimensions.

10: Different countries may have their own traditional paper sizes

In addition to the ISO standard, many countries have their own traditional or historical paper sizes that are still in use today. These local standards often coexist with international sizes and vary from one country to another.