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Belonging to the realm of unique paper sizes, the 3x4 inch format holds its own distinctive place. This size, although not a part of the standard ISO or ANSI series, is frequently utilized in specific applications that require compactness and portability.

The 3x4 inch format is often seen in the creation of personal identification cards, small promotional materials, and miniature art prints. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for items that need to be easily carried or stored. Despite its small dimensions, this paper size can still accommodate essential information or visually appealing designs.

3×4 paper dimensions


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2A046.81 x 66.221189 x 1682119 x 1683370 x 4768
A120.51 x 0.7113 x 181 x 237 x 51
4A066.22 x 93.621682 x 2378168 x 2384768 x 6741
A110.71 x 1.0218 x 262 x 351 x 74
A101.02 x 1.4626 x 373 x 474 x 105
A3+12.95 x 19.02329 x 48333 x 48933 x 1369
A1+23.98 x 35.98609 x 91461 x 911726 x 2591
A0+35.98 x 50.87914 x 129291 x 1292591 x 3662
A64.13 x 5.83105 x 14811 x 15298 x 420
A55.83 x 8.27148 x 21015 x 21420 x 595
A48.27 x 11.69210 x 29721 x 30595 x 842
A311.69 x 16.54297 x 42030 x 42842 x 1191
A91.46 x 2.0537 x 524 x 5105 x 147
A216.54 x 23.39420 x 59442 x 591191 x 1684
A82.05 x 2.9152 x 745 x 7147 x 210
A123.39 x 33.11594 x 84159 x 841684 x 2384
A72.91 x 4.1374 x 1057 x 11210 x 298
A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

Interestingly enough, this particular paper size also finds its use in photography. It's a popular choice for instant cameras and photo printers due to its pocket-friendly dimensions. The 3x4 inch photos are perfect for scrapbooking enthusiasts who appreciate their convenient size and nostalgic appeal.

In terms of printing efficiency, the 3x4 inch format offers an optimal balance between space utilization and readability. It allows for effective use of ink while ensuring that text or images are not too cramped.

While it may not be as widely recognized as A4 or Letter sizes from ISO and ANSI series respectively; the 3x4 inch paper size serves specific needs with precision and effectiveness. Its versatility across various applications underscores its importance in both professional and personal contexts.

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Interesting facts about 3×4

1: The Origins of 3x4 Paper

3x4 paper is not a standard paper size in the global paper series. It is likely a custom size created for specific purposes or industries. Custom sizes are often used for specialized printing needs, such as labels or small notes.

2: Uncommon Size

The dimensions of 3x4 paper, measuring approximately 76mm x 102mm (2.99in x 4.01in), make it an uncommon size in the world of printing and stationery. Its unique proportions may have niche applications where space is limited.

3: Compact and Portable

The compact size of 3x4 paper makes it highly portable and convenient for on-the-go use. It can easily fit into pockets, wallets, or small organizers, making it ideal for jotting down quick notes or reminders.

4: Potential Uses

While not widely used, some possible applications for 3x4 paper include mini flashcards, personalized gift tags, small recipe cards, or even tiny art prints. Its unconventional dimensions can add a unique touch to creative projects.

5: Limited Availability

Due to its non-standard nature, finding pre-cut sheets of exactly 3x4 paper might be challenging in regular stationery stores. However, with the help of professional printers and custom cutting services, it is still possible to obtain this specific size.

6: Custom Printing Solutions

If you require large quantities of printed materials in the size of 3x4 inches, professional printers can offer customized solutions to meet your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

7: Niche Market Appeal

The rarity of 3x4 paper can make it appealing to collectors or enthusiasts who appreciate unique stationery items. It may also find popularity among those who enjoy unconventional paper sizes for their creative endeavors.

8: Compatibility Considerations

When designing or printing materials in the size of 3x4 inches, it is important to consider compatibility with standard printing equipment and software. Some adjustments may be necessary to ensure proper alignment and accurate results.

9: Custom Cutting Options

If you have a specific project that requires a large quantity of 3x4 paper, professional printers can often provide custom cutting services. This allows you to obtain precise dimensions while maintaining high-quality results.

10: Unique Paper Collections

Paper enthusiasts and collectors often seek out unusual sizes like 3x4 inches to add diversity to their collections. These unique papers can showcase the rich variety found within the world of stationery and printing materials.