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Belonging to the ANSI series, the 4.25x6 paper size is a unique and versatile choice for various printing needs. This particular dimension, often used in postcard printing, offers an optimal balance between space and portability.

While not directly part of the ISO 216 standard that includes popular A-series sizes such as A4 or A3, the 4.25x6 size aligns with the North American ANSI standard. This makes it a prevalent choice in regions where ANSI standards are widely adopted.

4.25×6 paper dimensions


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The compact nature of this paper size lends itself well to direct mail marketing campaigns. Its dimensions allow for concise yet impactful messaging, making it an effective tool for capturing attention and sparking interest - key elements in the AIDA copywriting formula.

Interestingly, despite its smaller stature compared to other formats like Letter or Legal, 4.25x6 holds its own when it comes to versatility. It's commonly used not only for postcards but also for flyers, invitations, and even small-scale posters.

While it may not be as universally recognized as some ISO sizes like A4 or Letter from ANSI series, the 4.25x6 paper size has carved out its niche in specific applications where compactness and impact are paramount.

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Interesting facts about 4.25×6

1: The 4.25x6 paper size is commonly known as "Postcard" size.

The dimensions of 4.25x6 inches make it the standard size for postcards, allowing them to be easily mailed without an envelope. Postcards in this size are widely used for personal correspondence, travel souvenirs, and marketing purposes.

2: It is part of the ANSI/ASME Y14 series paper sizes.

The ANSI/ASME Y14 series includes a range of engineering drawing sheet sizes used in North America. The 4.25x6 paper size falls under this series and is designated as ANSI/ASME Y14.38M-1999.

3: The aspect ratio of 4.25x6 paper is approximately 1:1.41.

The aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of a paper size. In the case of 4.25x6 inches, its aspect ratio is close to the square root of two (1:1.41), which allows for easy scaling and resizing while maintaining proportions.

4: It can be used for printing photo albums or pocket-sized books.

The compact dimensions of 4.25x6 inches make it suitable for creating small photo albums or pocket-sized books that can be easily carried around or shared with others as keepsakes or mementos.

5: The history of global paper sizes traces back to ISO standards in Europe.

In Europe, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established a series called ISO A, B, and C formats that are widely adopted worldwide today. Although not directly related to the specific dimensions of 4.25x6 inches, the global paper size standards have influenced the development and acceptance of various paper sizes.

6: The 4.25x6 size is not commonly used in commercial printing.

While the 4.25x6 paper size is popular for postcards and personal use, it is not as commonly used in commercial printing compared to standard sizes like letter (8.5x11) or legal (8.5x14). Commercial printers often prefer standard sizes due to their compatibility with printing equipment and cost-effectiveness.

7: It can be challenging to find pre-cut 4.25x6 paper sheets.

Due to its less common usage in commercial printing, finding pre-cut 4.25x6 paper sheets might be more difficult compared to standard sizes available readily in stores or online. However, it can still be easily obtained by cutting down larger sheets or using custom print services.

8: The dimensions of 4.25x6 inches are close to a quarter of a letter-sized sheet.

A letter-sized sheet measures approximately 8.5x11 inches, making the dimensions of a quarter-sheet equal to half its width and half its height – which corresponds closely to the size of a postcard (i.e., 4.25x6 inches).

9: It offers a compact canvas for artistic creations like sketches or paintings.

The smaller dimensions of the 4.25x6 paper provide artists with a compact canvas for creating sketches, paintings, or other forms of artwork that can be easily carried around or displayed in smaller frames.

10: The thickness and weight options vary depending on specific requirements.

Just like other paper sizes, the thickness and weight options for 4.25x6 paper can vary depending on the intended use. It is available in various weights, such as standard copy paper weight (around 20 lb) or heavier cardstock options for more durable postcards or prints.