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Delving into the realm of paper sizes, the 6x11 inch format emerges as a unique and versatile choice. This size, not part of any standard ISO or ANSI series, carves its own niche in the world of print media.

With dimensions that are slightly larger than a standard piece of office paper (8.5x11 inches), the 6x11 inch format offers ample space for creative expression without overwhelming the reader. Its unconventional size makes it stand out from other mail pieces, increasing its chances of grabbing attention in a pile of standard-sized letters and documents.

6×11 paper dimensions


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The 6x11 inch format is particularly popular in direct mail marketing campaigns. Its distinctive size allows marketers to create compelling visuals and persuasive copy that can effectively engage potential customers. Moreover, it fits perfectly within USPS's letter-size parameters for direct mail, making it an economical choice for businesses looking to reach their target audience through physical mail.

Interestingly enough, despite its non-standard dimensions, the 6x11 inch format is compatible with most commercial printers. This means businesses can easily produce high-quality prints without needing specialized equipment or incurring additional costs.

While not part of any recognized ISO or ANSI series, the 6x11 inch paper size holds significant value in specific applications such as direct mail marketing due to its unique dimensions and compatibility with standard printing equipment.

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Interesting facts about 6×11

1: The Origin of the 6x11 Paper Size

The 6x11 paper size is not a standard paper size in any of the globally recognized paper series. It is likely a custom size created for specific purposes or industries.

2: Common Uses for 6x11 Paper

Despite not being a standard size, the 6x11 paper is often used for various applications such as direct mail marketing, flyers, brochures, and promotional materials.

3: Similarity to US Standard Envelope Size

The dimensions of the 6x11 paper are quite close to the US standard envelope size known as #10 envelope (4.125 x 9.5 inches). This similarity makes it convenient for folding and inserting into envelopes.

4: Custom Printing Options

Due to its non-standard nature, printing on 6x11 paper may require custom printing services. Professional printers can accommodate this unique size and provide high-quality prints tailored to specific needs.

5: Versatility in Design Layouts

The elongated shape of the 6x11 paper allows for creative design layouts that can effectively showcase content or images. Its unique proportions offer designers more flexibility compared to traditional rectangular sizes.

6: Limited Availability

Sourcing pre-cut or pre-packaged sheets of precisely sized 6x11 paper might be challenging since it falls outside standard sizing conventions. However, professional printers can easily trim larger sheets to achieve this specific dimension.

7: Cost Considerations

Due to its non-standard nature and potential need for customization, 6x11 paper may be more expensive compared to standard paper sizes. Factors such as quantity, printing technique, and paper quality can influence the overall cost.

8: International Paper Series Exclusion

The 6x11 size is not part of any international paper series, such as ISO A, B, or C series. These standardized series are widely used across the globe for various purposes and have specific aspect ratios.

9: Custom Cutting Options

If a specific project requires a large quantity of 6x11 paper, it might be more cost-effective to purchase larger sheets and have them custom cut by professional printers. This approach allows for greater flexibility in terms of paper type and quality.

10: Unique Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of the 6x11 paper is approximately 1:1.83. This elongated shape can create visually appealing designs and compositions when utilized effectively in print materials.