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Belonging to the ISO A series, the 25x39 paper size is a unique and versatile choice for various printing needs. This specific dimension is not commonly found in everyday use, making it an intriguing option for those seeking to stand out from the crowd.

The ISO A series, recognized globally, is based on an aspect ratio of √2:1. However, the 25x39 size does not conform to this standard ratio. Instead, it offers a distinctive proportion that can be particularly appealing for certain design applications.

25×39 paper dimensions


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While ANSI standards are more prevalent in North America, ISO sizes like 25x39 are widely accepted and used internationally. This global recognition adds an element of versatility to this paper size.

One interesting fact about the 25x39 paper size is its potential for efficient utilization. When compared with other sizes within the same series or even across different series, it often results in less wastage during printing processes due to its unique dimensions.

Whether you're looking for a distinctive layout or aiming to reduce waste during printing processes - or perhaps both - the 25x39 paper size could be an excellent choice. Its unique dimensions and international recognition make it a compelling option worth considering.

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Interesting facts about 25×39

1: The Origin of the 25x39 Paper Size

The paper size 25x39 inches is part of the American paper series, commonly known as "Letterpress" or "Cutting." It was initially designed for printing presses and is widely used in the United States for various commercial printing purposes.

2: Common Uses

The 25x39 paper size is often used for large posters, book covers, promotional materials, and other print projects that require a larger format. Its dimensions provide ample space for detailed designs and text.

3: Compatibility with Offset Printing

This particular paper size is highly compatible with offset printing machines due to its dimensions. Offset printing is a popular technique used in commercial printing that produces high-quality prints at a relatively low cost.

4: Availability and Variations

The availability of the 25x39 paper size may vary depending on the region and specific suppliers. However, it can be found in various weights (thickness) and finishes (such as matte or glossy) to suit different printing needs.

5: International Equivalents

The international equivalent of the American Letterpress series, which includes the 25x39 size, is known as B series. In this system, B2 corresponds to approximately 19.7 x 27.8 inches (500 x 700 mm), which has similar proportions but slightly different dimensions than its American counterpart.

6: Historical Significance

Paper sizes have evolved over time based on historical standards and practical considerations. The American Letterpress series emerged during an era when letterpress printing was prevalent before digital technologies revolutionized the industry.

7: Standardization Efforts

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has made significant efforts to standardize paper sizes globally. However, the American Letterpress series, including the 25x39 size, remains widely used in the United States due to historical reasons and established printing practices.

8: Paper Grain Direction

When using the 25x39 paper size, it is essential to consider the grain direction of the paper. Grain refers to the alignment of fibers within a sheet of paper. Understanding and utilizing grain direction can significantly impact print quality and folding properties.

9: Custom Cutting Options

If a specific project requires slightly different dimensions than the standard 25x39 size, professional printers can provide custom cutting services to meet unique requirements. This flexibility allows for greater versatility in print design and production.

10: Environmental Considerations

Paper production has environmental implications. Opting for eco-friendly options such as recycled or sustainably sourced papers can help reduce deforestation and minimize carbon footprint associated with printing projects that utilize the 25x39 paper size.