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Belonging to the ISO 216 series, A3U is a unique paper size that holds its own in the realm of standardized paper dimensions. The 'U' in A3U stands for 'Uncut', indicating that this paper size is slightly larger than the standard A3. This additional space allows for bleed during printing processes, ensuring a clean and professional finish once trimmed down to its final A3 size.

The dimensions of an uncut A3 (A3U) sheet are 329mm x 483mm, providing ample room for high-quality prints without compromising on design elements. This makes it an ideal choice for graphic designers and print professionals who require precision and perfection in their work.

A3U paper dimensions


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As part of the ISO 216 series, which is internationally recognized and widely used across various industries, the A3U maintains consistency with other 'A' sizes by maintaining a ratio of √2:1. This means that each subsequent size in the series is half or double the area of its predecessor or successor respectively.

Interestingly, despite being part of an international standard, usage of A-series paper sizes varies greatly around the world. While they are commonplace throughout Europe and many other parts of the world, they are less frequently used in North America where ANSI series sizes such as 'Letter', 'Legal', and 'Tabloid' dominate.

Whether you're creating brochures or designing posters, understanding your paper sizes - like our versatile friend here; A3U - can make all difference between a good print job and a great one.

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Interesting facts about A3U

1: A3U paper is not a standard paper size

A3U paper is not recognized as a standard paper size in the ISO 216 international paper size system. It is an unofficial term used to refer to a custom-sized sheet that falls between A3 and A2 sizes.

2: A3U paper is commonly used for architectural drawings

Architects often use A3U paper for their detailed architectural drawings. The slightly larger size compared to A3 allows them to include more intricate details while still maintaining a manageable sheet size.

3: The dimensions of A3U paper can vary

Since A3U is not an officially recognized size, its dimensions can vary depending on the specific requirements of the user or printer. However, it typically falls between the dimensions of A3 (297 x 420 mm) and A2 (420 x 594 mm).

4: Printing on A3U paper may require custom settings

Due to its non-standard nature, printing on A3U paper may require custom settings on printers or software. Printers might need manual adjustments or specific configurations to accommodate this unique sheet size.

5: Some printers offer automatic resizing for non-standard sizes like A3U

To simplify printing processes, certain advanced printers have features that automatically resize non-standard sizes like A3U. This allows users to print on custom-sized sheets without needing extensive manual adjustments.

6: The origin of the term "A3U" remains unclear

The exact origin of the term "A3U" is uncertain. It likely emerged as an informal designation within specific industries or communities that required a size between A3 and A2 but did not have an official standard for it.

7: A3U paper is not widely available

Since it is not a standardized size, finding pre-cut A3U paper can be challenging. It is often necessary to have the paper custom cut or trimmed from larger sheets to achieve the desired dimensions.

8: The popularity of A3U paper varies by region

The use and popularity of A3U paper can vary significantly depending on the region. Some countries or industries may have adopted this non-standard size more than others, based on their specific needs and preferences.

9: A3U paper can be used for creative projects

The unique dimensions of A3U paper make it suitable for various creative projects such as art prints, posters, or handmade books. Its slightly elongated shape offers artists and designers additional space to experiment with their designs.

10: The demand for A3U paper has increased with digital printing

The rise of digital printing technologies has led to an increased demand for non-standard sizes like A3U. Digital printers offer more flexibility in accommodating custom sizes, allowing users to explore unique dimensions beyond traditional standards.