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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, RA2 is a unique paper size that holds its own significance in the world of print and design. This format, measuring 430 x 610 mm, is part of the RA series - a less commonly known but equally important series as compared to its A and B counterparts.

The RA2's dimensions are strategically designed to allow for bleed during printing processes. This means that images or elements that extend beyond the edge of the page can be printed without any unsightly white borders. The result? A professional finish that enhances visual appeal.

RA2 paper dimensions


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Interestingly, despite being part of an international standard, the prevalence of RA2 varies greatly across different regions. It's more commonly used in Europe and Asia than in North America where ANSI standards dominate.

One might wonder why choose RA2 when there are other options available? The answer lies in its optimal size. It strikes a balance between being large enough for impactful presentations yet compact enough for easy handling and transportation.

While it may not be as popular as A4 or Letter sizes, RA2 has carved out its niche within specific industries such as publishing and advertising where precision and aesthetics are paramount. Its thoughtful design coupled with practical functionality makes it an invaluable tool for professionals seeking perfection in their print outputs.

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Interesting facts about RA2

1: RA2 Paper Size

RA2 paper is a standardized paper size that measures 432 mm x 305 mm. It belongs to the RA series, which is part of the ISO 217/ISO 269 paper size standard.

2: Origin of the RA Series

The RA series was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in order to provide a more comprehensive range of paper sizes for various printing and design purposes.

3: Relationship with A Series

The RA series is closely related to the A series, which includes commonly used sizes like A0, A1, and so on. The main difference between them lies in their aspect ratios and dimensions.

4: Aspect Ratio of RA2

The aspect ratio of RA2 paper is approximately equal to √2 (√2 ≈ 1.414). This means that if you divide the longer side by the shorter side, you will get a value close to √2.

5: Common Uses

RA2 paper is often used for posters, flyers, architectural drawings, and other design projects where a slightly larger format than standard letter or legal size is required.

6: Compatibility with Other Sizes

The dimensions of RA2 allow it to be easily scaled from larger or smaller sizes within the same series. For example, two sheets of RA3 can be combined to create an exact fit for an RA2 sheet.

7: Global Adoption

The ISO paper size standards have been widely adopted around the world since their introduction in the early twentieth century. This ensures compatibility and ease of use across different countries and industries.

8: Historical Evolution

The development of standardized paper sizes can be traced back to the German engineer, Dr. Walter Porstmann, who proposed the first system in 1918. This system later evolved into the ISO paper size standard we know today.

9: Simplified Paper Handling

The use of standardized paper sizes like RA2 simplifies printing and design processes by allowing for easy scaling, layout planning, and compatibility with various printing equipment.

10: Environmental Considerations

Paper manufacturers are increasingly focusing on producing eco-friendly papers that are sustainable and recyclable. Choosing responsibly sourced RA2 paper contributes to reducing environmental impact in the printing industry.