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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, RA3 is a unique paper size that holds its own significance in the world of print and design. This format, measuring 420mm x 297mm, is part of the RA series - a less common but equally important series compared to its A-series counterparts.

The RA3 size is specifically designed for raw printing materials. It provides an additional margin for printers to trim the paper down to an A3 size after printing, ensuring a clean edge with no loss of design or text. This makes it an ideal choice for high-quality prints where precision and aesthetics are paramount.

RA3 paper dimensions


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Interestingly, while most people are familiar with the A-series paper sizes due to their widespread use in everyday life, the RA series remains largely underutilized outside professional printing environments. However, its importance cannot be understated as it plays a crucial role in maintaining print quality and accuracy.

In comparison with ANSI standards prevalent in North America, ISO's RA3 offers more flexibility due to its larger size before trimming. This difference highlights how international standards like ISO can offer diverse options catering to specific needs across various industries.

While RA3 may not be as commonly recognized as other paper sizes like A4 or Letter, it serves a vital purpose within professional printing contexts. Its unique dimensions provide room for error correction during trimming processes post-printing - a feature that ensures impeccable results every time.

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Interesting facts about RA3

1: Origin of RA3 Paper

RA3 paper is part of the ISO 216 international paper size standard, which was first introduced in Germany in 1922. It is derived from the German DIN 476 standard and has since been adopted by many countries worldwide.

2: Size and Dimensions

The dimensions of RA3 paper are 305 mm x 430 mm (12.0 in x 16.9 in). It falls within the A series of paper sizes, which are based on a ratio of √2 (approximately 1:1.414).

3: Common Uses

RA3 paper is commonly used for printing posters, architectural drawings, and large-scale artwork. Its size provides ample space for detailed designs while still being manageable to handle.

4: Compatibility with Other Sizes

The RA3 size fits perfectly into an A3 sheet twice without any waste or need for trimming. This makes it convenient for scaling down larger documents or designs to a smaller format.

5: International Variations

In some countries, such as the United States and Canada, RA3 paper may not be readily available as it is not part of their traditional paper size standards. However, it can often be custom ordered or obtained from specialty suppliers.

6: Weight and Thickness

The weight and thickness of RA3 paper can vary depending on its intended use. It is available in various weights ranging from lightweight options suitable for sketching to heavier weights suitable for printing high-quality graphics.

7: Environmental Considerations

Sustainable forestry practices have led to the availability of RA3 paper made from responsibly sourced materials. Look for certifications such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to ensure that the paper you choose is environmentally friendly.

8: Compatibility with Printing Technologies

RA3 paper is compatible with various printing technologies, including inkjet, laser, and offset printing. Its smooth surface allows for crisp and vibrant prints, making it a popular choice for professional printing projects.

9: Historical Significance

The adoption of standardized paper sizes like RA3 played a crucial role in facilitating international communication and trade. It allowed for easier exchange of printed materials between countries without the need for resizing or reformatting.

10: Paper Size Evolution

The ISO 216 standard, which includes RA3 paper, is part of a long history of paper size evolution dating back to ancient times. From papyrus scrolls to parchment sheets and eventually standardized sizes, the development of paper has greatly influenced human communication and cultural exchange.