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RA4, a member of the ISO 216 standard series, stands as a unique paper size with dimensions that are specifically tailored to meet diverse printing needs. This particular size measures 430mm x 610mm, offering an expansive canvas for various print applications.

What sets RA4 apart from other paper sizes is its distinctive aspect ratio. The square root of two (√2:1) aspect ratio ensures that when the sheet is divided in half, the resulting pages maintain the same proportions. This feature enhances consistency and uniformity across different scales of print projects.

RA4 paper dimensions


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In comparison to ANSI series paper sizes commonly used in North America, RA4 offers a more elongated format. This makes it an ideal choice for designs that require additional horizontal space such as panoramic photography or landscape-oriented graphics.

Interestingly, RA4's dimensions align closely with traditional photographic print sizes. It's no coincidence then that this paper size is often favored in professional photo printing environments where precision and quality are paramount.

RA4 presents itself as a versatile and practical option within the ISO 216 series. Its unique dimensions and aspect ratio make it suitable for a wide range of applications - from professional photography prints to large-scale design layouts.

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Interesting facts about RA4

1: The Origin of RA4 Paper

RA4 paper, also known as Resin Coated Paper, was first introduced in the 1960s by Kodak. It was developed as a replacement for traditional fiber-based photographic papers and quickly gained popularity due to its superior image quality and durability.

2: Resistant to Fading

One of the key advantages of RA4 paper is its resistance to fading. The resin coating on the paper helps protect the image from UV light, ensuring that photographs printed on RA4 paper retain their vibrant colors for a longer period compared to other types of photographic papers.

3: Glossy or Matte Finish

RA4 paper is available in both glossy and matte finishes. The glossy finish provides a shiny appearance with high contrast and sharpness, while the matte finish offers a more subdued look with reduced glare and reflection.

4: Wide Range of Sizes

RA4 paper comes in various sizes to accommodate different printing needs. Common sizes include 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches, and larger formats like 16x20 inches or even rolls for large-scale printing.

5: Professional Photographic Printing Standard

The use of RA-processed prints on RA-type papers has become an industry standard for professional photographic printing. This ensures consistent color reproduction and high-quality results across different labs and printers worldwide.

6: Suitable for Traditional Darkroom Printing

In addition to digital printing, RA-processed papers like RA-RAK (Resin Coated Resin Activated) are also compatible with traditional darkroom techniques. This allows photographers who prefer analog methods to achieve excellent results using RA4 paper.

7: Longevity and Archival Quality

RA4 paper is known for its longevity and archival quality. When stored properly, prints made on RA4 paper can last for several decades without significant degradation, making it a preferred choice for preserving important photographs.

8: Versatile Applications

RA4 paper is not limited to photographic prints alone. Its durability and high-quality finish make it suitable for various applications such as posters, brochures, advertisements, and even art reproductions.

9: Compatibility with Digital Printing Technologies

RA-processed papers like RA4 are compatible with digital printing technologies such as laser printers and inkjet printers. This versatility allows photographers and artists to choose between traditional darkroom techniques or modern digital workflows when working with RA-processed papers.

10: Global Availability

RA-processed papers like RA4 are widely available globally due to their popularity in the professional photography industry. This accessibility ensures that photographers and artists can easily find the necessary supplies regardless of their location.