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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, SRA1+ is a unique paper size that holds its own in the realm of print and design. This particular size, measuring 900mm x 640mm, offers an expansive canvas for creatives and professionals alike. It's larger than the A1 size from the same series, providing additional space for bleed during printing processes.

The SRA1+ paper size is not part of any ANSI series but remains exclusive to the ISO standard. Its dimensions make it ideal for large-scale projects such as posters, architectural drawings or comprehensive layouts that require a broad visual scope.

SRA1+ paper dimensions


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Interestingly, SRA1+ is often used in commercial printing presses due to its optimal dimensions which allow for efficient imposition - the arrangement of pages on a printer's sheet in order to minimize waste and maximize ease of binding. This efficiency translates into cost-effectiveness, making SRA1+ a preferred choice among savvy industry professionals.

SRA1+, with its unique dimensions and practical advantages in commercial printing scenarios, stands as an intriguing entity within the ISO 216 standard. Its relevance extends beyond mere measurements into realms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness - factors that resonate deeply with professionals across various industries.

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Interesting facts about SRA1+

SRA1+ Paper: Weird and Interesting Facts

1. Unique Size: SRA1+ paper is a relatively uncommon paper size that falls between the standard SRA1 and SRA2 sizes. It measures approximately 640mm x 900mm, making it larger than SRA1 (640mm x 900mm) but smaller than SRA0 (900mm x 1280mm).

SRA Series: A Brief History

The SRA series of paper sizes was introduced in Germany in the early 1990s as an extension of the ISO A-series sizes. The "S" stands for "supplementary," indicating that these sizes were designed to provide additional options between the existing A-series sizes.

Standardization Efforts

The introduction of the SRA series aimed to address the need for standardized intermediate sizes, especially in commercial printing. These standardized dimensions help streamline production processes and reduce waste by optimizing paper usage.

Compatibility with Printing Presses

SRA1+ paper is often used in large-scale commercial printing due to its compatibility with certain sheet-fed offset printing presses. Its size allows for efficient printing of multiple pages on a single sheet, reducing production time and costs.

Versatile Applications

SRA1+ paper finds applications in various industries, including advertising, packaging, signage, and graphic design. Its larger size offers more creative freedom for designers while maintaining compatibility with standard print finishing equipment.

Paper Weight Considerations

When choosing SRA1+ paper, it's essential to consider its weight or grammage. Different weights are suitable for specific purposes; lighter weights are ideal for brochures or flyers, while heavier weights are better suited for business cards or postcards.

Specialty Finishes

SRA1+ paper is available in a wide range of finishes, including gloss, matte, silk, and uncoated. Each finish offers distinct visual and tactile qualities that can enhance the overall look and feel of printed materials.

Environmental Impact

Many SRA1+ papers are produced using sustainable practices and materials. Look for certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) to ensure responsible sourcing.

Paper Handling Considerations

Due to its larger size, SRA1+ paper may require special handling during printing and finishing processes. Printers equipped with appropriate equipment and expertise can ensure smooth production without compromising quality.

Cutting Efficiency

SRA1+ paper's dimensions allow for efficient cutting into standard A-series sizes like A2 (420mm x 594mm) or A3 (297mm x 420mm). This versatility makes it a preferred choice when producing various print materials simultaneously.