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Belonging to the ISO 216 series, SRA2+ is a unique paper size that holds its own in the realm of print and design. This particular size, measuring 450mm x 640mm, offers an expansive canvas for creatives to work with. It's larger than the standard A2 size (420mm x 594mm), providing additional space for bleed during printing processes.

The 'SRA' in SRA2+ stands for 'Supplementary Raw Format A', indicating its role as a supplementary format to the primary A series in the ISO 216 standard. The '+' denotes its extra dimensions compared to regular SRA2 paper. This extra space is crucial in professional printing where edge-to-edge designs are required, allowing room for trimming without compromising on design elements.

SRA2+ paper dimensions


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Interestingly, while most countries have adopted ISO standards including SRA sizes, North America primarily uses ANSI (American National Standards Institute) sizes such as 'Letter', 'Legal', and 'Tabloid'. However, even within this region, SRA2+ finds usage due to its unique advantages in certain print applications.

SRA2+ is more than just a paper size; it's an essential tool in professional printing and design. Its larger dimensions facilitate full-bleed printing while adhering to international standards - making it a versatile choice for creatives worldwide.

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Interesting facts about SRA2+

1. SRA2+ Paper Size

SRA2+ is a paper size that measures 480mm x 640mm, making it slightly larger than the standard SRA2 size. It provides extra space for printing larger designs or accommodating bleed areas.

2. Origin of SRA Paper Sizes

The SRA paper sizes were introduced by the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung) in the early 1970s. They aimed to create a series of standardized paper sizes that would simplify printing processes and reduce waste.

3. Relationship with ISO Paper Sizes

The SRA series is closely related to the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) A-series paper sizes, which are widely used around the world. The SRA sizes were designed to provide additional margin space when cutting down from the corresponding ISO size.

4. Bleed Area Considerations

SRA2+ paper allows for larger bleed areas compared to standard sizes, which is particularly useful in graphic design and printing industries. Bleed refers to extending artwork or images beyond the trim edge, ensuring there are no white borders after trimming.

5. Common Applications

SRA2+ paper is commonly used in various professional printing applications such as posters, large format prints, architectural drawings, and high-quality marketing materials where a larger canvas is required.

6. Compatibility with Printing Presses

SRA2+ sheets can be easily accommodated by most modern offset lithographic printing presses without requiring excessive adjustments or customizations.

7. Availability and Customization

Sourcing SRA2+ paper may require specialized suppliers or printers who stock this specific size. However, it is possible to have SRA2 paper custom cut to the desired SRA2+ dimensions if needed.

8. Paper Weight Options

SRA2+ paper is available in various weights, ranging from lightweight options suitable for brochures and flyers to heavier stocks suitable for high-quality prints and presentations.

9. Environmental Considerations

When choosing SRA2+ paper, it is important to consider eco-friendly options such as papers made from recycled materials or those certified by sustainable forestry organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

10. Global Adoption

The use of SRA2+ paper sizes may vary across different regions due to historical printing practices and preferences. It is more commonly found in Europe and certain parts of Asia where the ISO A-series sizes are widely adopted.