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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, SRA2 paper size is a unique and versatile choice for various printing needs. With dimensions of 450mm x 640mm, it offers ample space for creative designs and comprehensive content. This particular size is part of the Supplementary Raw Format A (SRA) series, designed to provide extra paper for commercial print processes.

Interestingly, SRA2's larger dimensions make it an ideal choice for full-bleed A2 prints. Full-bleed printing refers to a technique where the ink covers the entire surface of the paper without any margins. This allows designers to create impactful visuals that extend right up to the edge of the page.

SRA2 paper dimensions


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The SRA series, including SRA2, was not included in the initial ISO 216 standard when it was first introduced in 1975. It was later added as a supplementary series to accommodate commercial printing needs that required additional space for bleed and trim.

Despite its specific use case in commercial printing, SRA2 has found its place in various applications such as posters, calendars, or large-scale artwork due to its generous size. Its versatility makes it an invaluable asset in both professional and creative fields.

Whether you're looking at creating striking visual designs or need extra room for detailed information dissemination - consider leveraging the benefits offered by SRA2 paper size.

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Interesting facts about SRA2

SRA2 Paper: Weird and Interesting Facts

1. Origin of SRA2: SRA2 paper size is part of the international standard series known as the ISO 216, which was first introduced in Germany in 1922.

2. Unique Dimensions: The dimensions of SRA2 paper are 450 mm x 640 mm (17.7 in x 25.2 in), making it larger than A3 and smaller than SRA1.

3. "S" Series Naming Convention: The "S" in SRA2 stands for "supplementary," indicating that it is a trimmed version of the RA (raw format) series, which is used for printing and design purposes.

4. Compatibility with A Series: SRA2 paper can be easily converted to A3 size by trimming it down to match the dimensions of 420 mm x 297 mm (16.5 in x 11.7 in).

5. Preferred by Printers: Many professional printers prefer using SRA2 sheets because they allow for full-bleed printing without any white borders on the final product.

6. Common Applications: Due to its larger size, SRA2 paper is commonly used for posters, brochures, book covers, and other graphic design projects that require more space than standard sizes.

7. Availability Variations: While widely available in Europe and other regions following ISO standards, finding SRA2 paper might be more challenging outside these areas due to differences in preferred paper sizes.

8. Weight Options: Like other types of paper, SRA2 comes in various weights ranging from lightweight options suitable for flyers to heavier weights suitable for high-quality prints or packaging materials.

9. Environmental Considerations: When choosing SRA2 paper, it is important to consider its environmental impact. Opting for recycled or sustainably sourced options can help reduce the ecological footprint.

10. Customization Possibilities: SRA2 paper can be easily cut and folded into different shapes and sizes, allowing for creative customization in various printing projects.