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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, SRA3++ is a unique paper size that stands out in the realm of print media. This particular size, measuring 320mm x 450mm, offers an expansive canvas for designers and printers alike. It's larger than the standard A3 size, providing additional space for bleed during printing processes.

Interestingly, SRA3++ is part of the Supplementary Raw Format (SRA) series. This series was specifically designed to accommodate commercial printing needs where extra space for trim and bleed is required. The '++' denotes an even larger dimension than the standard SRA3 size.

SRA3++ paper dimensions


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The versatility of SRA3++ makes it a popular choice among professionals in various industries. From creating high-impact marketing materials to crafting detailed architectural plans, this paper size caters to diverse needs.

Despite its widespread use in Europe and other parts of the world adhering to ISO standards, it's worth noting that SRA3++ isn't recognized within ANSI standards used predominantly in North America. Therefore, its usage may be limited geographically.

SRA3++ serves as a testament to how paper sizes can be optimized for specific industry requirements. Its unique dimensions offer added value in professional printing scenarios where precision and impact are paramount.

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Interesting facts about SRA3++

SRA3++ Paper: Weird and Interesting Facts

1. Unique Size: SRA3++ paper is a non-standard paper size that falls between the popular SRA3 and SRA2 sizes. It measures approximately 320mm x 460mm, making it larger than SRA3 (320mm x 450mm) but smaller than SRA2 (450mm x 640mm).

History of Global Paper Sizes:

2. ISO Standardization: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the A-series paper sizes in 1975, which includes the widely used A4 size. However, the ISO standard does not include specific dimensions for SRA3++.

3. German Origins: The term "SRA" stands for "Supplemental Raw Format A" and was initially developed by German printing industry associations to accommodate bleed requirements in commercial printing.

Paper Series:

4. Expansion of Series: The original A-series consists of A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, and so on. However, with the introduction of larger formats like SRA0 and RA0, additional series were created to maintain consistency in proportion while accommodating different sheet sizes.

5. Relationship with RA Series: The RA series is derived from the same proportions as the corresponding SRA series but has slightly different dimensions to allow for trimming during production.

Paper Characteristics:

6. Versatile Usage: Due to its unique size falling between standard formats, SRA3++ paper offers flexibility in various applications such as large-format brochures, posters, book covers or inserts.

7. Compatibility Considerations: When using an office printer or copier that supports standard paper sizes, SRA3++ sheets may require manual feeding or trimming to fit the machine's limitations.

Interesting Notes:

8. Limited Availability: SRA3++ paper is not as widely available as standard sizes, and it may be more challenging to find in stock at some print shops or stationery stores.

9. Customization Potential: The non-standard nature of SRA3++ allows for unique and eye-catching designs that stand out from traditional formats.

10. Niche Market Demand: While not as commonly used as standard sizes, there is a niche market demand for SRA3++ paper among professional printers and designers who require specific dimensions for their projects.