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Traditional British Series

Double Elephant

Double Elephant

Double Elephant, a term that may sound unusual in the realm of paper sizes, holds a significant place in the ISO 216 series. This unique size measures an impressive 679mm x 1016mm or approximately 26.8 inches x 40 inches. It's larger than your standard A1 and even surpasses A0, making it one of the largest standardized paper sizes available.

Despite its name suggesting otherwise, Double Elephant does not equate to twice the size of an 'Elephant' paper. The term 'Double' is derived from its historical use in printmaking where two standard 'Elephant' sheets were joined together to create a larger printing surface.

Double Elephant paper dimensions


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The Double Elephant size is often employed for applications requiring substantial space such as architectural plans, large-scale maps or fine art prints. Its generous dimensions provide ample room for detailed work and grand presentations.

While not as commonly used as A-series paper sizes due to its specialized nature, Double Elephant continues to hold relevance in specific industries where scale and detail are paramount. It stands as a testament to the diversity and adaptability of paper formats within both ISO and ANSI series.

In conclusion, Double Elephant is more than just an intriguing name; it's a versatile tool for professionals seeking expansive space for their creative or technical endeavors.

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Interesting facts about Double Elephant

1: Double Elephant Paper Size

Double Elephant is a specific paper size that measures approximately 40 x 26 inches (1016 x 660 mm). It is one of the largest standard paper sizes used in the printing industry.

2: Origin of the Name

The term "Double Elephant" originated from the practice of using elephant symbols to represent different paper sizes. The double elephant size was named so because it was twice the size of the regular elephant size.

3: Historical Significance

Double Elephant paper was commonly used for printing large maps, engravings, and art prints during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Its large size allowed for intricate details and accurate reproduction.

4: Royal Connection

In England, Double Elephant paper was often used for official government documents and royal proclamations. Its grand size added a sense of importance and prestige to these important communications.

5: Limited Availability

Due to its large dimensions, Double Elephant paper is not readily available in most commercial stationery stores. It is primarily produced on-demand or by specialty paper manufacturers catering to specific printing needs.

6: Weight and Thickness Variations

The weight and thickness of Double Elephant paper can vary depending on its intended use. It can range from lightweight options suitable for drawing or sketching to heavier variants designed for printmaking or archival purposes.

7: Preservation Challenges

Due to its size, preserving Double Elephant prints or artworks can be challenging. Specialized storage solutions are required to prevent damage such as creasing or tearing over time.

8: Modern Alternatives

In contemporary printing, Double Elephant paper has been largely replaced by digital printing technologies. However, it still holds value for artists and collectors who appreciate traditional printmaking techniques.

9: Global Variations

The dimensions of Double Elephant paper can vary slightly between countries. For example, in the United States, it is often referred to as "Double Elephant Folio" and measures approximately 39.5 x 26 inches (1003 x 660 mm).

10: Collectible Rarity

Original prints on Double Elephant paper from renowned artists or historical figures can be highly sought after by collectors. These rare pieces often command significant prices at auctions and art markets.