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Quarto, a term derived from the Latin 'quartus', signifies one-fourth. In the realm of paper sizes, Quarto refers to a sheet that is one-fourth the size of an original sheet. This unique dimension has its roots in traditional printmaking practices where a large sheet was folded twice to create four leaves or eight pages.

While Quarto isn't officially recognized in either ISO 216 or ANSI/ASME Y14.1, it holds significant historical and practical value. The dimensions of Quarto can vary based on the size of the original sheet, but traditionally, it measures approximately 279 x 216mm (11 x 8.5 inches), closely resembling an ANSI Letter or A4 from ISO series.

Quarto paper dimensions


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Quarto's versatility is noteworthy; it's widely used across various industries and applications - from book publishing to stationery production. Its compact yet spacious layout makes it ideal for creating small books or pamphlets without compromising readability.

An interesting fact about Quarto is its enduring relevance in today's digital age. Despite advancements in technology and shifts towards digital media, Quarto continues to be favored by many publishers for its economical use of space and classic aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, while not part of any modern standard series like ISO or ANSI, Quarto remains a significant player in the world of paper sizes due to its historical significance, versatile application range, and timeless appeal.

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Interesting facts about Quarto

1: Quarto Paper Size

Quarto paper is a specific size of paper that measures approximately 8.5 x 11 inches or 215 x 280 millimeters. It is commonly used for printing books, reports, and other documents.

2: Historical Origins

The term "quarto" originates from the Latin word "quartus," meaning fourth. This refers to the fact that when a full sheet of paper is folded into quarters, it creates four leaves or eight pages.

3: Common Usage in Book Printing

In book printing, quarto size is often used for novels, textbooks, and other publications where a larger page size is desired to accommodate more text or illustrations per page.

4: Variations in Folding

While quarto traditionally refers to folding a full sheet of paper into quarters, there are variations such as "French-fold" where the sheet is folded twice in the same direction to create four panels.

5: Historical Significance

In the past, quarto was commonly used for printing plays during the Renaissance period. Many famous works by William Shakespeare were printed in quarto format.

6: Relationship with Other Paper Sizes

The quarto size falls within the A series of international paper sizes. It corresponds to A5 (148 x 210 mm) when halved and A6 (105 x 148 mm) when quartered.

7: Versatile Binding Options

The larger dimensions of quarto paper allow for various binding options such as perfect binding (paperback), saddle stitching (stapled), or even hardcover binding for more durable books.

8: Commonly Used in Legal Documents

In the legal field, quarto paper is often used for drafting legal documents, contracts, and agreements due to its larger size, which allows for more extensive content and easier readability.

9: Compatibility with Printing Equipment

Quarto paper size is widely supported by printers and copiers, making it a convenient choice for both home and professional printing needs.

10: Availability in Different Paper Types

Quarto paper can be found in various types such as bond paper, recycled paper, glossy paper, or even specialty papers like parchment or vellum. This allows for customization based on specific printing requirements.