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US Envelope Series



Belonging to the ISO A series, the A7 paper size is a versatile and widely used format. With dimensions of 74 x 105 millimeters or 2.91 x 4.13 inches, it's compact yet offers ample space for various applications.

As part of the ISO 216 standard, A7's dimensions are derived from the A0 size, which has an area of one square meter. This ingenious system allows for consistent scaling between sizes - each step down cuts the longer dimension in half.

7 paper dimensions


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The ANSI series, predominantly used in North America, doesn't include an equivalent to A7. The closest match would be 'A' size (8.5 x 11 inches), but it's significantly larger.

A7 is commonly utilized for small-scale print materials such as pocket diaries, mini brochures or flyers. It also serves as a popular choice for personal stationery items like note cards and post-it notes.

Interestingly enough, this paper size is also favored in technology applications; many smartphones screens align closely with its dimensions due to its comfortable handheld fit.

Whether you're crafting a marketing campaign or designing a new product interface, consider leveraging the unique attributes of the A7 paper size to enhance your project's effectiveness and appeal.

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Interesting facts about 7

1: The Origin of A7 Paper Size

A7 paper size is part of the ISO 216 standard, which was first introduced in Germany in 1922. The A series sizes were created by halving the dimensions of the previous larger size, starting from A0. Therefore, A7 paper measures exactly half the width and half the height of an A6 sheet.

2: The Tiny Dimensions of A7 Paper

A7 paper measures approximately 74mm x 105mm or 2.9 inches x 4.1 inches. Its compact size makes it ideal for small notes, invitations, or as a component in pocket-sized notebooks.

3: Common Uses for A7 Paper

A7 paper is commonly used for RSVP cards, business cards, mini flyers, and small promotional materials due to its convenient size and portability.

4: Variations in Weight and Thickness

The weight and thickness of A7 paper can vary depending on its intended use. It is available in various weights such as standard copy paper (around 80gsm) or heavier cardstock (up to around 300gsm) for more durable applications like postcards.

5: Historical Significance of ISO Standardization

The ISO standardization of paper sizes has greatly facilitated international communication and printing processes. It ensures compatibility between different devices and simplifies document handling across countries with varying printing standards.

6: The Influence of Japanese Paper Sizes

The Japanese JIS P series influenced the development of ISO paper sizes. In fact, Japan uses a similar system called B-series where B7 corresponds to half the dimensions of B6 paper.

7: A7 Paper and Envelope Compatibility

A7 paper fits perfectly into an A8 envelope, which is one size smaller. This allows for easy mailing or distribution of small notes or invitations.

8: The Environmental Impact of Paper

Paper production has a significant environmental impact due to deforestation and energy consumption. However, many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly options made from recycled materials or sustainably sourced fibers.

9: The Versatility of A7 Paper in Crafts

A7 paper is popular among crafters for various projects such as origami, card making, scrapbooking, and miniature art due to its manageable size and flexibility.

10: The Evolution of Paperless Alternatives

In the digital age, the use of paper has decreased with the rise of electronic communication and document storage. However, certain tactile experiences and traditional practices still make paper a preferred medium for many individuals and industries.