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US Envelope Series

8 5/8

8 5/8

Belonging to the ANSI series, the 8 5/8 paper size is a unique and versatile choice for various printing needs. This particular size is part of the ANSI B category, which is widely recognized and utilized in industries across the globe.

The ANSI series, established by the American National Standards Institute, has set a standard for paper sizes based on fixed aspect ratios. The 8 5/8 paper size adheres to these standards, ensuring consistency and compatibility with other sizes within this series.

8 5/8 paper dimensions


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One intriguing aspect of this specific paper size lies in its dimensions. The unconventional measurement of 8 5/8 inches offers an interesting alternative to more common sizes like A4 or Letter. This slight difference can make your printed materials stand out from the crowd while still fitting comfortably within standard filing systems.

Moreover, it's worth noting that ISO (International Organization for Standardization) does not include an equivalent for this particular ANSI size in its A-series or B-series. This makes the 8 5/8 paper size uniquely American and adds an element of exclusivity to documents printed on it.

Whether you're looking to print brochures, flyers or reports, choosing an unconventional yet standardized paper size like 8 5/8 can add a distinctive touch to your materials while maintaining professional standards.

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Interesting facts about 8 5/8

1. The Origin of 8 5/8 Paper

8 5/8 paper is not a standard paper size in the global paper series. It is actually a custom size that falls between the commonly used A4 (210 x 297 mm) and Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) sizes.

2. Unique Dimensions

The dimensions of 8 5/8 paper are approximately 219 x 276 mm or 8.625 x 10.875 inches, making it slightly taller and narrower than both A4 and Letter sizes.

3. Niche Applications

This non-standard size is often used for specific applications such as printing booklets, brochures, or certain types of technical documents that require a different aspect ratio than traditional sizes.

4. Custom Printing Challenges

Due to its non-standard nature, finding printers capable of accommodating the exact dimensions of 8 5/8 paper can sometimes be challenging, leading to potential customization costs or limitations in print options.

5. Limited Availability

Compared to standard sizes like A4 or Letter, finding pre-cut sheets or ready-made products in the market specifically designed for this size might be more difficult due to its niche demand.

6. Historical Evolution of Paper Sizes

The development of standardized paper sizes can be traced back to ancient China's invention of papermaking around the year AD105 during the Han Dynasty.

7. ISO Paper Series

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the ISO Paper Series in the early twentieth century to establish a consistent set of international standards for paper sizes across countries.

8. A Series and B Series

The ISO Paper Series consists of two main categories: the A series (commonly used for general printing purposes) and the B series (primarily used for posters, wall charts, and other large format prints).

9. The Golden Ratio

The ISO A series is based on a mathematical concept known as the golden ratio, which provides an aesthetically pleasing aspect ratio of approximately 1:1.414 between adjacent sizes.

10. Global Adoption

The ISO paper sizes have been widely adopted around the world, with variations like Letter size (used predominantly in North America) coexisting alongside the standard A series in many countries.