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The A-10 paper size, a lesser-known member of the ISO 216 standard series, holds its own unique place in the realm of print and design. This diminutive format measures just 26 x 37mm, making it the smallest size in the A-series lineup. Despite its compact dimensions, it carries significant potential for specific applications.

As part of the ISO 216 series, A-10 adheres to an aspect ratio of √2:1. This mathematical relationship ensures that when two same-sized A-series sheets are placed side by side or one sheet is cut in half parallel to its shorter sides, the resulting page maintains the original aspect ratio. It's this ingenious design principle that allows for seamless scaling across all sizes within the series.

A-10 paper dimensions


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While you may not encounter an A-10 sheet on a daily basis, it serves critical roles in specialized areas such as micro-printing and precision detailing. Its small footprint makes it ideal for printing tiny labels or intricate designs that require high levels of detail and precision.

While often overlooked due to its small stature, the A-10 paper size is a testament to thoughtful engineering and design principles inherent in ISO standards. It exemplifies how even seemingly minor elements can play pivotal roles when tailored to meet specific needs.

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Interesting facts about A-10

1: A-10 Paper Size

The A-10 paper size is the smallest in the A series of paper sizes, measuring 26 mm × 37 mm (1.02 in × 1.46 in). It is incredibly tiny and not commonly used for printing or writing purposes.

2: Origin of A Series

The A series of paper sizes was first introduced by the German mathematician and scientist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg in the late 18th century. The series was later adopted as an international standard by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

3: Golden Ratio Proportions

The dimensions of each paper size in the A series are based on a mathematical concept known as the golden ratio. This ratio ensures that when you cut a sheet in half, both resulting pieces maintain the same proportions.

4: Scaling Down Sizes

To obtain a smaller size within the A series, you simply halve its longer side. For example, to get an A-10 from an A-9, you divide its longer side (37 mm) by two, resulting in a length of approximately 18.5 mm.

5: Rarely Used for Printing

A-10 paper is rarely used for printing due to its extremely small dimensions. However, it can be occasionally found as part of novelty items or miniature art projects where tiny pieces are required.

6: Popular Collectible Item

A-10 papers have gained popularity among collectors due to their unique size and limited availability. Some enthusiasts enjoy collecting various sizes from different paper series as a hobby.

7: Precision Engineering Applications

While not commonly used, A-10 paper finds applications in precision engineering and microtechnology. It can be utilized for extremely detailed technical drawings or as a reference for size comparisons.

8: Challenging to Handle

Due to its small size, A-10 paper can be quite challenging to handle and work with. Its delicate nature requires careful attention to avoid tearing or misplacing the tiny sheets.

9: Historical Significance

The A series of paper sizes has played a significant role in standardizing paper dimensions globally. It has simplified printing processes, reduced waste, and facilitated international document exchange.

10: Not Widely Available

A-10 paper is not widely available in regular stationery stores or print shops. However, it can sometimes be found online through specialty retailers catering to unique paper sizes and art supplies.