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Belonging to the ISO 216 standard, A-8 paper size is a unique and often overlooked member of the A-series. This series, recognized globally except in North America where the ANSI series is prevalent, follows an aspect ratio of √2:1. The dimensions of an A-8 sheet are 52 x 74 millimeters or approximately 2.05 x 2.91 inches.

What sets the A-series apart is its logical and user-friendly system based on folding sheets in half. An A0 sheet has an area of one square meter, and each subsequent number in the series represents a halving of the preceding sheet along its larger dimension. Thus, an A-8 sheet is precisely half the size of an A-7 sheet and a quarter of an A-6.

A-8 paper dimensions


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The compact size of the A-8 makes it ideal for printing small items such as business cards or labels. Its dimensions also lend themselves well to creating miniature art or design prototypes that require precision and detail.

Despite its diminutive stature, this paper size plays a crucial role in various professional settings due to its adaptability and convenience. It's proof that sometimes, smaller can indeed be better.

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Interesting facts about A-8

1: A-8 Paper Size

A-8 paper is part of the ISO 216 standard, which defines the series of paper sizes used globally. It measures 52 mm × 74 mm (2.05 in × 2.91 in), making it one of the smallest standardized paper sizes.

2: Origami Enthusiast's Delight

A-8 paper is often favored by origami enthusiasts due to its small size and ease of folding. It allows for intricate and delicate designs, making it perfect for creating miniature origami art.

3: Common Use in Business Cards

The A-8 size is commonly used for business cards in some countries, especially those with a preference for smaller card dimensions. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry and store.

4: Historical Connection to Japanese Culture

The A-8 size has historical significance in Japan as it was traditionally used for printing poetry and haiku on small sheets known as "tanzaku." These tanzaku were often displayed during traditional festivals or hung on bamboo branches.

5: Rarely Found Outside Japan

While the A-8 size is recognized globally as part of the ISO standard, it is relatively rare to find this specific size outside of Japan. Its usage remains more prevalent within Japanese cultural contexts.

6: Ideal for Miniature Artwork

A-8 paper provides artists with a unique canvas for creating miniature artwork such as tiny paintings or detailed sketches. Its small dimensions challenge artists to work within limited space while showcasing their skills.

7: Popular Among Philatelists

Philatelists, collectors of postage stamps, often use A-8 paper to mount and display their miniature stamp collections. The small size allows for neat and organized arrangements of stamps.

8: Convenient for Note-Taking

A-8 paper is favored by individuals who prefer compact notebooks or journals for note-taking on the go. Its small size fits easily into pockets or bags, making it a practical choice for capturing thoughts and ideas.

9: Unique Gift Tags

A-8 paper can be repurposed as unique gift tags due to its small dimensions. By adding personalized messages or decorations, these tiny tags add a special touch to presents.

10: Challenging Size for Printing Industry

The A-8 size poses challenges in the printing industry due to its extremely small dimensions. Precise cutting and handling are required during production processes to ensure accurate results.