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A-9 (Diplomat)

A-9 (Diplomat)

The A-9 paper size, also known as Diplomat, is a unique and versatile format that holds a significant place in the ISO 216 series. This international standard for paper sizes is widely recognized and utilized across various industries worldwide. The A-9 size measures 37mm x 52mm, making it one of the smallest dimensions in the A series.

Despite its compact size, the A-9 Diplomat offers an array of applications. It's commonly used for business cards, ticketing systems, and other small-scale print materials where space efficiency is paramount. Its small footprint makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to minimize waste while maximizing impact.

A-9 (Diplomat) paper dimensions


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Interestingly enough, the dimensions of all sizes in the ISO 216 series are derived from the A0 size which has an area of one square meter. Each subsequent size (A1 to A10) is defined by halving the preceding paper size along its larger dimension. This means that two sheets of A-9 paper would fit exactly within an A-8 sheet without any wastage when cut.

In terms of compatibility with digital formats, it's worth noting that while there isn't a direct equivalent in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards - which are more commonly used in North America - there are similar sizes available such as those found within their 'A' or 'B' series.

Whether you're crafting impactful business cards or designing efficient ticketing systems, understanding and utilizing the unique properties of the A-9 Diplomat can significantly enhance your print materials' effectiveness and appeal.

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Interesting facts about A-9 (Diplomat)

1: A-9 (Diplomat) paper is not a standard paper size

A-9 (Diplomat) paper is not part of the ISO 216 standard series of paper sizes. It is a non-standard size that measures approximately 5.75 x 8.75 inches or 146 x 222 mm.

2: A-9 (Diplomat) paper is commonly used for greeting cards

A-9 (Diplomat) paper is often used for creating greeting cards, invitations, and announcements due to its convenient size and ability to fit into standard envelopes.

3: The origin of the name "Diplomat"

The term "Diplomat" in A-9 (Diplomat) refers to the specific use of this paper size for diplomatic correspondence and official documents in some countries.

4: A-9 (Diplomat) has historical ties to traditional Japanese paper sizes

The dimensions of A-9 (Diplomat) closely resemble the traditional Japanese B7 size, which measures approximately 125 x 176 mm. This connection highlights the influence of different cultures on non-standard paper sizes.

5: Limited availability

A-9 (Diplomat) paper may be less readily available compared to standard sizes like letter or A4. It might require special ordering or sourcing from specialty stationery stores or online retailers.

6: Customization options

Due to its non-standard nature, A-9 (Diplomat) offers opportunities for customization and uniqueness in design projects. Its distinct dimensions can make printed materials stand out from more common formats.

7: A-9 (Diplomat) paper can be challenging to find matching envelopes

Since A-9 (Diplomat) is not a standard size, finding envelopes that perfectly fit this paper can be a bit tricky. However, there are envelope options available specifically designed for this size.

8: A-9 (Diplomat) is not widely recognized in all countries

While A-9 (Diplomat) may have specific uses and recognition in certain regions, it is not universally known or used worldwide. Its popularity varies depending on cultural and regional preferences.

9: The versatility of A-9 (Diplomat)

A-9 (Diplomat) paper's dimensions make it suitable for various applications beyond greeting cards, such as small brochures, booklets, or even pocket-sized notebooks.

10: Historical evolution of non-standard sizes

The existence of non-standard sizes like A-9 (Diplomat) reflects the historical evolution of paper sizes globally. Different countries and industries have developed their own unique sizing systems to meet specific needs and preferences.