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Belonging to the distinguished ISO (International Organization for Standardization) B series, Crown paper size holds a unique position. It measures 15 x 20 inches, offering a generous surface area that caters to various printing needs. The ISO B series is designed as an intermediary between the A and C series, providing sizes not covered by these two ranges.

The Crown paper size is not commonly used in everyday applications but finds its niche in specialized areas such as bookbinding and printmaking. Its dimensions make it ideal for creating book covers or large-scale prints where detail and space are paramount.

Crown paper dimensions


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A72.91 x 4.1374 x 1057 x 11210 x 298
A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

Interestingly, the name 'Crown' has historical roots dating back to the British Imperial system of paper sizes. This connection adds a touch of antiquity and tradition to this otherwise modern standard.

Despite its less frequent use compared to A4 or Letter sizes, Crown holds its own in the realm of paper standards. It serves as a testament to the comprehensive nature of ISO's approach towards standardization - ensuring every possible need is catered for.

While it may not be your go-to choice for everyday printing tasks, Crown's unique dimensions make it an invaluable asset in specific industries. Its existence within the ISO B series underscores its importance and relevance in today's world.

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Interesting facts about Crown

1: Crown paper is named after the British Crown

Crown paper gets its name from the British Crown, as it was historically used for official documents and correspondence of the royal court.

2: It is part of the ISO A series

Crown paper belongs to the ISO A series, which is a set of standardized paper sizes used globally. It falls between A3 and A2 in size.

3: Dimensions of Crown paper

The dimensions of Crown paper are approximately 20 inches by 15 inches or 508 mm by 381 mm. These dimensions may vary slightly depending on regional standards.

4: Popular for book printing

Crown paper is commonly used for book printing due to its convenient size. It allows for easy handling and binding while providing sufficient space for text and illustrations.

5: Historical significance in printing industry

In the early days of printing, Crown paper was often used as a standard size for newspapers, making it an important part of print media history.

6: Variations across countries

The exact dimensions and usage of Crown paper can vary across different countries. For example, in Germany, it is known as "Königspapier" with slightly different measurements.

7: Not commonly found in everyday use

In modern times, Crown paper is not widely available or commonly used compared to other standard sizes like A3 or Letter. Its usage has become more specialized over time.

8: Used for official documents and certificates

Crown-sized papers are still occasionally utilized for official documents, certificates, and prestigious awards due to their traditional association with formal correspondence.

9: Historical connection to British legal system

In the British legal system, Crown paper was traditionally used for court documents and legal records. This practice has historical roots dating back several centuries.

10: Limited availability in specialty paper stores

If you are looking for Crown paper, you may need to visit specialty paper stores or contact professional printers who can source it for specific printing requirements.