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Double Demy

Double Demy

Double Demy, a paper size that's not as commonly known as its A-series counterparts, holds its own unique charm and utility. Part of the traditional British Imperial sizes, Double Demy measures 22.5 x 35 inches (572 x 889 mm), offering a generous canvas for various printing needs.

While it doesn't belong to the ISO or ANSI series, Double Demy has carved out its niche in specific applications. Its large dimensions make it an ideal choice for artwork reproductions, architectural drawings, or any project requiring a broad surface area.

Double Demy paper dimensions


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Interestingly enough, the name 'Demy' originates from 'demi', French for half. The term was used in the paper trade to refer to half of a larger sheet size - in this case, Double Royal. Thus, Double Demy is essentially twice the size of a standard Demy sheet.

The use of Double Demy is not widespread today due to standardization around ISO sizes like A4 and B2. However, it continues to be used by certain industries and professionals who appreciate its unique dimensions and historical significance.

In conclusion, while Double Demy may not be part of your everyday vocabulary or printing needs, understanding this paper size can open up new possibilities for creative projects that require more space than what's offered by conventional formats.

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Interesting facts about Double Demy

1. Double Demy Paper: A Unique Size

Double Demy paper is a specific size within the British Imperial paper size series. It measures 22 x 35 inches (559 x 889 mm), making it larger than the standard Demy size.

2. Origin of the Name

The term "Demy" originates from the French word "demi," meaning half, as it was originally half the size of a Royal sheet. The "Double" in Double Demy refers to its larger dimensions compared to regular Demy paper.

3. Historical Use

In the past, Double Demy paper was commonly used for printing posters, maps, and architectural drawings due to its large surface area and durability.

4. Variations in Weight

The weight of Double Demy paper can vary depending on its intended use. It is available in various weights ranging from lightweight for general printing purposes to heavyweight for more specialized applications.

5. Compatibility with Printing Presses

Due to its larger size, Double Demy paper may require special printing presses or modifications to accommodate its dimensions during the printing process.

6. Limited Availability

In recent years, with advancements in digital printing technology and changes in industry standards, Double Demy paper has become less commonly used and may be harder to find compared to standard sizes like A3 or letter-sized sheets.

7. International Equivalents

The international equivalent of Double Demy paper is known as ANSI E-size (34 x 44 inches) or Arch E-size (36 x 48 inches) in North America.

8. Customization Options

Double Demy paper can be customized with various finishes, such as matte or glossy, to enhance its appearance and suit specific printing requirements.

9. Environmental Considerations

When choosing Double Demy paper or any other type of paper, it is important to consider its environmental impact. Opting for recycled or sustainably sourced options can help reduce the ecological footprint associated with paper production.

10. Artistic Possibilities

The large size of Double Demy paper offers artists and designers ample space for creating intricate illustrations, paintings, or mixed media artworks that demand a larger canvas.