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Belonging to the ISO A series of standard paper sizes, Foolscap, also known as Folio or F4, holds a unique position in the realm of paper dimensions. With its dimensions measuring 210mm x 330mm (8.27" x 13"), it stands slightly taller than the globally recognized A4 size.

Historically, Foolscap was a common size used in Britain before the widespread adoption of ISO 216. Its name is derived from the "fool's cap" watermark that was once commonly applied to this type of paper. This watermark depicted a jester's cap and bells, hence lending its name to this particular paper size.

Foolscap paper dimensions


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In today's digital age, Foolscap may not be as widely used as its A4 counterpart; however, it still retains its relevance in certain professional and academic settings. For instance, legal professionals often prefer Foolscap for drafting contracts and other legal documents due to its additional length providing more space for text.

Despite not being part of the ANSI series adopted by North America, Foolscap has found acceptance in several Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore where it is commonly referred to as 'Legal' size.

In conclusion, while Foolscap may not be at the forefront of everyday printing needs like A4 or Letter sizes are; it continues to hold an important place within specific industries and regions due to its historical significance and practical advantages.

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Interesting facts about Foolscap

1: Foolscap paper gets its name from a traditional jester's hat

Foolscap paper is named after the traditional hat worn by jesters or fools in medieval times. The hat had a distinctive shape with pointed ends, similar to the size and shape of this type of paper.

2: Foolscap was originally used for legal documents

In the past, foolscap paper was commonly used for legal documents, such as deeds and contracts. Its larger size allowed for more extensive writing and documentation.

3: Foolscap is part of the British Imperial Paper Sizes series

The foolscap size is part of the British Imperial Paper Sizes series, which includes various standardized sizes used in Britain and its former colonies. It measures approximately 13.5 x 17 inches (343 x 432 mm).

4: Foolscap was replaced by A4 as a standard paper size

In many countries, foolscap has been replaced by the ISO standard A-series paper sizes. The most common replacement for foolscap is A4, which measures about 8.27 x 11.69 inches (210 x 297 mm).

5: Foolscap can refer to different sizes in different regions

The term "foolscap" can be confusing because it can refer to different sizes depending on the region or time period. In some cases, it may even vary within a single country.

6: Foolscap was historically made from rag pulp

In its early days, foolscap paper was typically made from rag pulp derived from discarded textiles like linen or cotton. This process gave the paper a durable and long-lasting quality.

7: Foolscap was commonly watermarked

Watermarks were often used on foolscap paper to indicate its authenticity and quality. These marks were created by impressing a design onto the wet paper pulp during the manufacturing process.

8: Foolscap is still used in some specialized industries

Although foolscap is less commonly used today, it still finds applications in certain specialized industries, such as engineering or architecture, where larger paper sizes are required for technical drawings and plans.

9: Foolscap can be difficult to find in modern stationery stores

If you're looking for foolscap paper in a modern stationery store, you may have trouble finding it. As it has been largely replaced by standard sizes like A4, specialty stores or online retailers may be your best bet for sourcing foolscap.

10: The term "foolscap" is sometimes used metaphorically

Besides referring to a specific type of paper, the term "foolscap" can also be used metaphorically to describe any document or piece of writing that is considered foolish or nonsensical.