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Quad Demy

Quad Demy

Quad Demy, a paper size that stands out in the realm of print media, commands attention with its substantial dimensions. As part of the British Imperial system, it measures an impressive 889mm x 1143mm or 35 x 45 inches. This makes it one of the largest standard paper sizes available.

While not part of any ISO or ANSI series, Quad Demy holds its own unique position in the world of publishing and printing. Its expansive size is ideal for large-scale projects such as posters, maps, architectural drawings and other applications where a grand visual impact is desired.

Quad Demy paper dimensions


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The name 'Quad Demy' itself reveals an interesting fact about this paper size. It's derived from 'Quadruple Demy', indicating that it's four times the size of a standard 'Demy' sheet. This nomenclature reflects the British tradition of defining larger paper sizes based on multiples of smaller ones.

In terms of usage, Quad Demy offers unparalleled opportunities for designers and publishers to showcase their work on a grand scale. The sheer expanse provides ample space for intricate designs and detailed information without compromising on legibility or aesthetic appeal.

Despite its less common usage compared to ISO or ANSI series counterparts, Quad Demy continues to hold relevance in specific industries due to its unique attributes. It serves as a testament to the diversity and adaptability inherent in print media formats.

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Interesting facts about Quad Demy

1: Quad Demy paper is part of the British Imperial paper size series

Quad Demy paper belongs to the British Imperial series, which was widely used in the United Kingdom and its former colonies. This series includes various sizes such as Quad Crown, Quad Royal, and Quad Demy.

2: The dimensions of Quad Demy paper are not standardized

Unlike some other paper sizes that have fixed dimensions, Quad Demy paper can vary slightly depending on the source or manufacturer. However, it is generally around 35 x 45 inches (889 x 1143 mm).

3: It is commonly used for large-scale printing projects

Quad Demy paper's larger size makes it suitable for printing posters, banners, maps, architectural plans, and other large-scale visual materials. Its ample space allows for detailed designs and clear text.

4: The term "quad" refers to folding the sheet into four equal parts

The name "quad" in Quad Demy indicates that this particular size can be conveniently folded into four equal parts without any waste or excess. This feature makes it easier to handle and store.

5: It has a rich history dating back to the early days of printing

The British Imperial series of paper sizes originated in England during the late eighteenth century when industrialization led to advancements in printing technology. These standardized sizes facilitated mass production and distribution of printed materials.

6: The British Imperial series influenced international paper standards

The British Imperial series had a significant impact on global paper sizing standards. Many countries adopted similar systems based on these sizes or developed their own variations inspired by this series.

7: Quad Demy paper is not commonly found outside of the United Kingdom

While Quad Demy paper is widely used in the United Kingdom, it may be less familiar to individuals from other parts of the world. Its usage is more prevalent within British printing industries and related sectors.

8: It offers a balance between size and practicality

Quad Demy paper provides a good compromise between large format printing capabilities and practical handling. It offers ample space for creative designs while still being manageable enough for transportation and storage.

9: Quad Demy paper can be cut down to smaller sizes

If needed, Quad Demy paper can be easily trimmed or cut down to smaller dimensions without affecting its overall quality. This flexibility allows for customization based on specific project requirements.

10: The popularity of Quad Demy has declined with the rise of digital media

In recent years, as digital media has become more prevalent, there has been a decline in demand for large-scale printed materials. Consequently, the use of Quad Demy paper has also decreased compared to its earlier heyday.