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Super B

Super B

Super B, a paper size recognized globally, is an integral part of the ANSI series. As per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Super B measures 13 x 19 inches or 330 x 483 mm. This unique dimension positions it between the standard A3 and A2 sizes in the ISO series, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

One of the fascinating aspects of Super B is its strategic size. It's large enough to accommodate detailed designs or extensive text yet compact enough to handle with ease. This balance makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking to present their work in a format that combines convenience and impact.

Super B paper dimensions


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Moreover, Super B's dimensions align perfectly with digital printing requirements. The size allows for high-quality prints without any loss of detail, ensuring that every element on the page stands out distinctly. This feature has made Super B a preferred choice among graphic designers and digital artists who demand precision and clarity in their printed works.

Super B's unique dimensions and compatibility with digital printing standards make it stand out in both ANSI and ISO series. Its versatility extends beyond mere measurements - it embodies a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics that appeals to professionals across various fields.

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Interesting facts about Super B

1: Super B paper is not a standard paper size

Super B paper, also known as tabloid or ledger paper, measures 13 x 19 inches (330 x 483 mm). It is larger than the commonly used letter and legal sizes but smaller than the A3 size.

2: Super B paper is widely used in the printing industry

Due to its larger size, Super B paper is often preferred for printing posters, brochures, newsletters, and other promotional materials. Its dimensions allow for more content and graphics to be included on a single sheet.

3: The origin of the term "Super B" is unclear

The exact origin of the term "Super B" to describe this specific paper size remains unknown. It may have been coined by manufacturers or printers to differentiate it from other sizes.

4: Super B paper can be cut down from larger parent sheets

In some cases, Super B-sized sheets are obtained by cutting down larger parent sheets. This allows for more flexibility in production and reduces waste since multiple smaller sheets can be obtained from a single large sheet.

5: Super B paper has international equivalents

The dimensions of Super B paper are similar to ISO A3 Plus (330 x 483 mm) used in Europe and Australia. However, there might be slight variations in measurements due to regional preferences or manufacturing processes.

6: The aspect ratio of Super B paper is approximately √2

The aspect ratio of Super B-sized sheets (13 x 19 inches) is approximately equal to √2 (√2 ≈1.414). This means that when folded in half, the resulting dimensions maintain the same aspect ratio.

7: Super B paper is compatible with some inkjet and laser printers

While Super B-sized paper may not be supported by all printers, many inkjet and laser printers have settings or trays that can accommodate this larger size. It is always recommended to check printer specifications before attempting to print on Super B paper.

8: Super B paper is commonly used for architectural drawings

Architects often use Super B-sized sheets for printing architectural drawings, floor plans, and blueprints. The larger size allows for more detailed representations of buildings and structures.

9: Super B paper can be folded to fit standard binders

If needed, Super B-sized sheets can be folded in half or thirds to fit standard binders or folders. This makes it easier to organize and store printed materials without requiring custom-sized storage solutions.

10: The demand for Super B paper has increased with digital printing

The rise of digital printing technologies has led to an increased demand for larger format prints. As a result, the popularity of Super B-sized paper has grown among businesses, designers, photographers, and artists who require high-quality prints in a larger format.