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Tabloid, a paper size recognized globally, is an integral part of the ANSI series. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) classifies it as 'ANSI B'. Measuring 11 by 17 inches, Tabloid is twice the size of its counterpart, Letter.

Its unique dimensions make it a preferred choice for various applications. From newspapers to large-scale designs and diagrams, Tabloid offers ample space for detailed content presentation. Its name originates from the tabloid newspapers that popularized this format in their publications.

Tabloid paper dimensions


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A120.51 x 0.7113 x 181 x 237 x 51
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A033.11 x 46.81841 x 118984 x 1192384 x 3370

The ISO equivalent of Tabloid is A3 from the A-series. However, there's a slight difference in dimensions - A3 measures 297 by 420 millimeters which is marginally larger than Tabloid.

Interestingly, despite being an American standard, Tabloid has found acceptance in several countries outside North America due to its practicality and versatility. It's widely used in industries such as publishing and advertising where impactful visual presentation matters.

In conclusion, whether you're creating a high-impact marketing brochure or drafting an architectural blueprint, the Tabloid paper size provides you with ample space to communicate your message effectively and aesthetically.

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Interesting facts about Tabloid

1: Tabloid Paper Size

Tabloid paper is a popular paper size measuring 11 x 17 inches or 279 x 432 millimeters. It is commonly used for newspapers, magazines, and posters.

2: Origin of the Term "Tabloid"

The term "tabloid" originated from the name of a pharmaceutical product called "Tabloid" that was produced by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. in the late 19th century. The company later used the term to describe their smaller-sized tablets, which eventually led to its association with compact-sized newspapers.

3: Tabloid Newspapers

In the newspaper industry, tabloids are often characterized by their sensationalist headlines and focus on celebrity gossip, scandals, and human-interest stories. They are known for their eye-catching layouts and bold typography.

4: Tabloid vs Broadsheet

The tabloid size is smaller than the traditional broadsheet size used by many newspapers worldwide. While broadsheets typically measure around 17 x 22 inches (432 x 559 mm), tabloids offer a more compact format that is easier to handle and read.

5: Tabloids in Different Countries

The dimensions of tabloid-sized papers can vary slightly between countries. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, tabloids measure approximately A3 size (297 x 420 mm), while in Canada they are slightly larger at Ledger/ANSI B size (11 x 17 inches or 279 x 432 mm).

6: Popularity of Tabloids

In many countries, tabloids have gained significant popularity due to their ability to quickly deliver news and entertainment in a concise and visually appealing manner. They often cater to a wider audience by covering a broad range of topics.

7: Tabloid Paper Weight

Tabloid paper is available in various weights, typically ranging from 50 to 80 pounds (approximately 75 to 120 gsm). The weight of the paper affects its durability and suitability for different printing purposes.

8: Tabloids in the Digital Age

With the rise of digital media, many traditional tabloid newspapers have expanded their online presence. They now offer digital editions that can be accessed through websites or mobile applications, allowing readers to enjoy tabloid-style content on various devices.

9: Tabloids Beyond Newsprint

The term "tabloid" is not limited to newspapers alone. It is also used to describe smaller-sized magazines, booklets, and promotional materials that follow a similar layout style characterized by bold headlines and attention-grabbing visuals.

10: Tabloids as Collectibles

Due to their historical significance and unique content, vintage tabloid newspapers have become sought-after collectibles among enthusiasts. These collectors value them for their cultural insights, iconic front pages, and coverage of significant events throughout history.